Welcome to Tuvalu

Enele_Sopoaga_2014Hon. Enele Sopoaga
Prime Minister of Tuvalu


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this website. Tuvalu is the undiscovered paradise still waiting to be discovered. Our Polynesian culture is unique and intact. The tropical islands, the yet-to-be photographed white beaches, the yet-to-be-divided turquoise crystal clear waters, our natural friendliness and relaxed way of life all merge to provide you with a breathtaking and unforgettable experience that is pure Tuvalu.

Investment opportunities in tourism, fisheries and services welcomed and government will grant the appropriate incentives and concessions to attract and retain genuine investors.

See you in Tuvalu!!

The above message was provided by the then Prime Minister Maatia Toafa.

Source: http://www.commonwealthofnations.org/country/pacific/tuvalu/