National Development Plan of Tuvalu

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Industries published the National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2005-15 (NSSD 2005-15) in November 2005, after a wide public and stakeholder consultation. NSSD 2005-15 focuses on eight strategic areas: good governance; macroeconomic growth and stability; health, welfare, youth, gender, housing, and poverty alleviation; the outer islands and Falekaupule (the traditional island assembly); employment and the private sector; human resource development; natural resources; and infrastructure and support services.


The main objectives of the NSSD 2005-15 are:

  • More employment opportunities
  • Higher economic growth
  • Better health care
  • Better education
  • Better infrastructure
  • Continuing social stability.



Inspired leadership, honesty, transparency and consistency in the application of the rule of law are seen as fundamentally important in national development. Key policy objectives for good governance include reform of the public service, instituting sound management principles and practices, strengthening oversight of public administration at national and Falekaupule levels, and increasing participation in the budget- and decision-making process.