Constitution of Tuvalu

Status: Monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II

Legislature: Parliament of Tuvalu

Independence: 1 October 1978

Tuvalu is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. The British sovereign is head of state and is represented by a governor-general, who must be a citizen of Tuvalu and is appointed by the head of state on the recommendation of the prime minister.

The prime minister is elected by parliament and is head of government. The cabinet consists of the prime minister, plus up to four other ministers, appointed by the governor-general from among the members of parliament, on the advice of the prime minister. The cabinet advises the governor-general who must accept its advice.

Parliament is composed of 15 members: two elected every four years by universal adult suffrage from seven electoral districts and one from the remainder. The speaker, elected by the members, presides over parliament.

The constitution provides for the operation of a judiciary and for an independent public service. It guarantees protection of all fundamental rights and freedoms, and provides for the determination of citizenship.