Key Projects of Pakistan


The Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns draws international support

A PPP has been launched to reduce maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality in several districts of Pakistan. The Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) is a five-year project funded by the United State Agency for International Development. The aim of the project is to assist the government in improving the health service, with a particular focus on the health status of mothers and newborns. The design and implementation of the project is led by John Snow Inc in collaboration with several other national and international corporations.


Balochistan Education Support Project

Low education levels in Balochistan led to the launch of the Balochistan Education Support Project in 2006, a project intended to assist the government in improving primary enrolment and completion rates, as well as reducing gender disparities. The project was initially implemented by the Balochistan Education Foundation, which collaborated with non-governmental and other organisations to carry out the work within communities. The communities were given complete control of all school resources, including school construction and staff hire. In total 46,438 students were enrolled across 845 schools established by the project, amounting to an increase of five per cent in primary enrolment in Balochistan during a two year period.


Public-Private Partnerships


It has long been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan that the country requires significant infrastructure developments in order to sustain economic and social development planned in Pakistan’s Medium Term Development Framework (2005–10). Before this, the government had estimated that funding from public sources alone could contribute less than 50 per cent of the infrastructure investment that the country requires. This, in turn, has required a combination of serious policy reforms to encourage private sector participation in infrastructural development projects.

In November 2007, the government introduced the initial Pakistan Policy on Public Private Partnerships, which aimed to promote public–private partnerships in the country in light of providing more efficient, affordable and timely infrastructure services. Further to this, the Infrastructure Project Development Facility was established to act as the principal facilitator and co-ordinator for PPPs. The government is considering the formation of an Infrastructure Project Financing Fund as an independent financing body for PPP projects.