Welcome to Pakistan

PrimeMinisterNawazSharifHis Excellency Mr Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan

I extend my felicitations to the Commonwealth of Nations website for providing representative information about member countries of the Commonwealth. Pakistan is one of the founding members of the Commonwealth and is very conscious of the wide ranging participation this prestigious international organisation enjoys.

Pakistan is part of the Commonwealth legacy that it considers important for national development. The democratic principles of governance form the unmistakable base assiduously adhered to by Commonwealth nations. Pakistan has once again embarked upon popular representative democratic path and is assiduously following it.

Pakistan is an important country of the south-west Asian region playing an important role in ensuring stability in the region. Pakistan is acutely aware of its responsibilities as a balancing country in a region long beset with instability that is now on the course of regaining peaceful composure due to widespread collaboration between all countries of the region.

Pakistan pursues equitable international relationship guided by the underlying principle of harmonious conduct of bilateral and multilateral affairs. My government seeks friendship all around and offers mutual co-operation.

Under my leadership Pakistan is actively pursuing a long-range economic revival and development programme aimed at removing bottlenecks hindering prosperity. This programme involves harnessing the local resources and combining them with overseas collaboration in order to achieve maximum development advantage.

My government is also endeavouring to bring about a pluralistic environment considered vital for all round development. I believe in the supreme right of people to decide national affairs. Pakistan can comfortably claim to be a country where public opinion is greatly respected in conduct of national and international affairs.

Pakistan regularly participates in the proceedings of the Commonwealth including CHOGM. I am confident that the co-operation between Pakistan and Commonwealth will increase in coming years. I am sure that our mutual co-operation will prove beneficial.

Source: http://www.commonwealthofnations.org/country/pakistan/