Judicial System of Pakistan

Supreme court: Supreme Court of Pakistan

Ministry: Law, Justice and Human Rights

The constitution proclaims Pakistan to be Islamic and democratic, with fundamental human rights guaranteed.

The Supreme Court is both the final court of appeal and the constitutional court. The Federal Shariat Court was established in 1980 to scrutinise the laws and ensure that they accord with Islamic values. There is a high court in Islamabad and in each province. Appeals arising from civil and criminal cases in a state are heard by the state high court.

District and sessions courts both have jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases. Sessions courts also are trial courts for the most serious offences. There are magistrates’ courts in cities and towns throughout the country, and all but the most serious cases (for example where the death penalty applies) come before these courts in the first instance.

There are a number of other courts and tribunals specialising, for example, in corruption cases, narcotics offences, financial crimes, consumer rights and industrial relations.