National Development Plan of Cameroon

Cameroon Vision 2035 expresses the aspirations of Cameroonians to be a united nation enjoying peace and security; democracy; decentralized administration; prosperity; and universal access to quality social services.

The agenda for development planning was set in 2003 by a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.



The priorities of the Poverty Reduction Strategy are:

  • macro-economic stability
  • diversification of the economy
  • revitalising the private sector’s ability to deliver social services
  • developing basic infrastructure and natural resources, while protecting the environment
  • creating closer ties with neighbouring countries in respect of trade, finance, transport, forestry, education and tourism
  • strengthening human resources and the social services, and integrating vulnerable groups into the economy
  • promotion of good governance.



The Poverty Reduction Strategy made the promotion of good governance and the fight against corruption – under the National Programme on Governance (NPG) – a key component of poverty reduction. The principal areas of focus of the NPG have been the strengthening of the institutional framework of public finance auditing, with the creation of the Audit Bench and reorganization of the Supreme State Audit; the major reform of the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency; and the fight against corruption through the National Anti-Corruption Commission (established in 2006) and the National Agency for Financial Investigation (2005).