Local Government of Cameroon

Ministry: Territorial Administration and Decentralisation

Local government is provided for by Laws 17 (on decentralisation), 18 (councils) and 19 (regions) of 2004; and it is also enshrined in the constitution, together with a higher tier of regional councils which had yet to be implemented in 2012. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation is responsible for local government.

There are 376 elected councils for the purpose of local government, including 14 city councils and 42 subsidiary councils within the cities. Local elections are held every five years. Reform of local government is under way with the aim of giving the councils greater autonomy.

The local authorities raise revenue from taxes and fees, and receive transfers from national government. They are responsible for primary education, health, social services, utilities and town planning, though the subsidiary councils in the cities deliver a smaller range of services.