National Development Plan of India

The Vision 2020 report – published by the Planning Commission in December 2002 – provides the framework for development planning.

The Eleventh Five-Year Plan covers the period 2007–12 and will be succeeded in 2013 by the Twelfth Plan which was in preparation in 2012, in conjunction with nationwide consultations by organisations representing citizens’ groups, notably women’s, dalits’ and youth organisations.

The Eleventh Plan aimed for faster and more inclusive growth than previous plans. Inclusiveness was to be achieved by ensuring that growth was broad-based and was combined with programmes aimed at overcoming deficiencies in critical areas, for example by increasing access to health, education and other essential services.



Improving governance is seen as essential to achieving better outcomes for government policies and programmes. The Planning Commission’s mid-term appraisal of the Eleventh Plan, released in 2010, saw implementation of the recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission as a priority, and especially the simplification of the procedures of central and state government.