Welcome to Jamaica

The Most Hon. Andrew HolnessAndrew-Holness-Official-275x350
Prime Minister of Jamaica

On behalf of the Government and people of Jamaica, let me extend a warm Jamaican welcome to you.

I take this opportunity to reaffirm Jamaica’s continued commitment to democracy, human rights, sustainable development and peace, the guiding principles and long-held values of the Commonwealth.

A firm advocate of the multilateral process, Jamaica, despite its small size, continues to play its part to make the world a better place for mankind. Through our membership in the Commonwealth, Jamaica has benefited enormously from opportunities to share experiences, best practices, skills and information aimed at advancing these objectives.

As you scroll through the web-pages devoted to our small island nation, you will experience the magic and allure of our island, which has won the hearts of those who have visited our shores. The infectious hospitality of our people, our resourcefulness, our rich culture, the allure of bewitching scenery, flora and fauna, accentuated by golden beaches and warm all year-round climate, are some of the many reasons for which Jamaica has won international acclaim.

But there is so much more. “Jamaica Means Business” – that is the maxim which foretells the exciting phase in Jamaica’s current economic development. Jamaica is today a major investment and business centre in the Caribbean, boasting superb infrastructure: state-of-the-art ports, up-to-date ICT facilities, highways and road networks. We continue to place special emphasis on promoting sustained economic growth and development of our country.

So, whether you want to do business or enjoy our diverse cultural and social offerings, make it Jamaica today. A warm Jamaican welcome awaits you.

Source: http://www.commonwealthofnations.org/country/americas/jamaica/