Judicial System of Seychelles

Supreme court: Supreme Court of Seychelles

Ministry: Defence, Legal Affairs, Youth and Hydrocarbons

The constitution provides for an independent judiciary. The justice system derives from English common law and the French Napoleonic Code.

The magistrates’ courts are the courts of first instance for cases under civil and criminal codes. The most serious civil and criminal cases, and appeals from the magistrates’ courts, come before the Supreme Court. The Constitutional Court is a division of the Supreme Court and deals with human rights as well as constitutional matters. Appeals from the Supreme Court are heard by the Court of Appeal.

Other courts include the Family Tribunal, Rent Control Board and employment tribunals.
Judges are generally recruited from other Commonwealth countries and employed on contracts. The chief justice and other judges are appointed by the President of the republic, the other judges in consultation with the chief justice.

Reform of the judiciary has been under discussion for a number of years.