Constitution of Seychelles

Status: Republic with executive President

Legislature: National Assembly of Seychelles

Independence: 29 June 1976

The independence constitution provided for a multiparty state. The 1979 constitution made Seychelles a one-party state, the sole candidate for a presidential election to be nominated by the ruling party. This constitution was amended in 1992, when multiparty democracy was reintroduced and, after a process of consultation involving referendums, replaced by the 1993 constitution.

Under the 1993 constitution, Seychelles is a unitary republic, with a multiparty democracy. It has a unicameral parliament, the National Assembly, comprising up to 35 seats, 25 of which are elected by universal adult suffrage, on a first-past-the-post basis, and up to ten seats on the basis of proportional representation. Parliamentary and presidential elections take place every five years, not necessarily at the same time. The President appoints a cabinet – not including members of parliament – and is empowered under the 1993 constitution to rule by decree.

In August 1996, the constitution was amended to create the office of Vice-President.