Secretary-General’s Message

Our Commonwealth approach has always been to see democracy and development as mutually supporting and reinforcing. It is therefore natural that we should seek to bring a binocular depth of focus to infrastructure development and public service delivery by looking at them through the lenses of both governance and growth.

The Commonwealth Charter reminds us that good governance helps to ‘ensure transparency and accountability’, and that
‘sustainable economic growth and development and the rule of law are essential to the progress and prosperity of all’.

Building resilience in member states is a Commonwealth priority and brand strength, and diversification plays a crucial part in reducing vulnerability. Broadening sources of funding for capital and infrastructure projects, and for public service delivery, is an important element in reducing dependence on too narrow a base of financial support.

Contributors to this publication draw on an immensely wide range of knowledge and experience. Making such analysis and expertise more widely available, within and beyond our membership, is part of the global wisdom function of the Commonwealth. It is our hope that many will profit from the specialist knowledge and insights shared within these pages, to the advancement of social welfare and for the economic benefit of communities in many parts of the world.