National Development Plan of Vanuatu

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management published the Priorities and Action Agenda for Vanuatu 2006-15 (PAA) in May 2006. The PAA aims to realise the medium-term vision of the people of Vanuatu of ‘an educated, healthy and wealthy Vanuatu’.



The overarching strategic priority identified by the PAA for national development planning is the creation of an environment for private-sector-led economic growth, including public-sector reform and good governance. In tandem with this, as the economy grows and jobs are generated, is the need for larger numbers of skilled, educated and healthy men and women.



Strengthening governance is recognised as a key challenge throughout government, civil society and the private sector. The main initiatives to improve governance include introduction of sound public expenditure management and strengthening of public institutions, particularly the Public Service Commission, Auditor General’s Office and Ombudsman’s Office. It is recognised that the free flow of information on government operations is key to increasing accountability and transparency.