Utilities of Tonga



The government-owned Tonga Power is responsible for electricity distribution and generation on the island, which is carried out using imported diesel. Ninety-five per cent of households and commercial businesses on the main island of Tongatapu are in receipt of electricity. The Tongan Electricity Commission regulates the sector. The Tonga Energy Road Map 2010–20 recommends a detailed programme of actions and serves as the guiding document for the government and Tonga Power. It covers a ten-year period, but will be updated as necessary as needs change.

Oil and gas

There are no proven oil and gas resources in Tonga. In 2010, Tonga entered into an agreement with US oil exploration company the Modulus-Baringer Group, which plans to begin exploratory drilling in 2014. Tonga’s main oil suppliers are global oil company Total and the Pacific Petroleum Company.



The Tonga Water Board is the supplier of water and owner of all water-related infrastructure. The Ministry of Health regulates water supply under the Tongan Water Board Act 2000. There is no centralised sewerage infrastructure in Tonga; waste water and sewage are managed by on-site systems, with supervision by the Ministry of Health.



The main telecommunications corporation in Tonga is the Tonga Communications Corp (TCC), which provides local and international telecoms services. TCC is a government-owned company established under the Telecommunications Commission Act 1984. Another provider of telecoms in the country is Digicel Pacific, a private company operating throughout the Pacific Islands. In 2007, Digicel officially bought out the Tongan mobile operator Tonfön and took control of the company’s mobile phone, internet and television services. Tonga Broadcasting Commission provides public radio and TV services; there are several private radio stations and a cable TV channel.