Key Projects of Cyprus


A7 Paphos–Polis motorway

A PPP project for the construction of a Paphos–Polis motorway, tagged the ‘A7’, has been under consideration since 2000 and, despite repeated setbacks and shelving, is back under discussion in 2014. If it goes ahead, the on-again off-again venture will be the most expensive road project ever implemented, with the cost estimated at €700–900 million. The original plan expected building work to take around six years and outlined the construction of three tunnels, seven bridges, eight grade separated interchanges and 25 underpasses. The current preferred bidder for the project is Austrian-Cypriot consortium Strabag-Nemesis.


Public-Private Partnerships


There has been little PPP activity in Dominica, though the government is interested in exploring it as a model for future development, in common with most other Caribbean nations.

There are plans to use public-private partnerships in the energy sector, in particular in furthering plans to use electricity generated via geothermal activity created by the island’s volcanoes, which would see some electricity sold to neighbouring islands via seabed pipelines.