National Development Plan of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Planning Commission was mandated in January 1972 to establish a long-term perspective for development planning; to determine the goals, strategies, targets and priorities of development plans and annual development programmes; and to formulate policy for the achievement of planned goals and targets. The national vision is set out in the Perspective Plan 2010-21: Making Vision 2021 a Reality, published in June 2010. The Sixth Five-Year Plan is for the period 2011-15.



The vision of the Perspective Plan 2010-21 is ‘to build Bangladesh into a resilient, productive, innovative and prosperous nation with a caring society consisting of healthy, happy, and well-educated people’, and its development priorities are:

  • Effective governance
  • Promoting innovation for digital Bangladesh
  • A caring society
  • Addressing the challenges of globalisation and regional co-operation
  • Broad-based growth and food security
  • Energy security for development and welfare
  • A sound infrastructure
  • Mitigating the impacts of climate change



Effective governance is seen as essential to achieving the goals of the Perspective Plan. It will result in efficient use of public resources; strong public institutions; reduced corruption, terrorism, and extortion; a greater respect for authority and the rule of law; and a socially responsive private sector.