Welcome to Bangladesh

Sheikh_Hasina_-_2009Hon. Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister of Bangladesh

I welcome you with pleasure and pride to enchantingly scenic Bangladesh with her lush green rain forests and serene farmlands, languorous white sandy beaches, meandering silvery rivers and a harmonious multi-ethnic, culturally rich, freedom loving people. The recent return of democracy now makes Bangladesh even more attractive than before.

While for tourists awaits the enchanting beauty of rural life and ancient archaeological findings, investors would find investment friendly policies, cost effective manpower and a lucrative market of 150 million people worth capitalising for mutual gains. Already established zones with special privileges for foreign investments have drawn success.

Commitment to democracy, pluralism and peace, Bangladesh has always fulfilled her responsibility as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. By abhorring all forms of extremism, Bangladesh has won the confidence of the international community as a peace loving nation, working for peace as reflected also in UN peace keeping missions.

Bangladesh is acclaimed as a role model among developing countries for her achievements in social spheres as micro-credit and empowerment of women, public health and primary education, among others. With so much in waiting for discovery, I am simply inspired to invite you to the Bangladesh portal of the Commonwealth website.

source: http://www.commonwealthofnations.org/country/asia/bangladesh/