Public Private Partnerships of Grenada


Until recently, there were few opportunities for the private sector to bid for government contracts in Grenada, with the exception of projects like the Melville Street Development Project and some smaller-scale initiatives. But the election of the New National Party in February 2013 has heralded a fresh approach, with Prime Minister Keith Mitchell seeing private-sector participation as key to job generation. The government is now seeking to liberalise the energy sector as well as looking for private sector partners for the building of hospitals and housing, as well as other major construction projects.
Prime Minister Keith Mitchell spoke specifically about public-private partnerships when he announced the 2013 budget, saying:

‘Government cannot build the new economy without the active participation of the private sector. In this regard, there are several development projects for which government is seeking public-private partnerships.’ He then listed forthcoming, and current, projects that require private sector partners. These projects centred on the building of new housing, an athletics stadium and a hospital as well as port and airport development. The government also intends to increase food production on state-owned land through the use of public-private partnerships