National Development Plan of Barbados

The National Strategic Plan of Barbados 2005–25 was launched in 2005 with the objective of realising by 2025 the national aspiration to become a fully developed society that is prosperous, socially just and globally competitive.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is responsible for implementation and monitoring of the Strategic Plan and will undertake revisions form time to time. The Ministry prepares five-year sectoral plans, with contributions from all stakeholders, and these plans drive the periodic revisions of the National Strategic Plan.

The Plan has six strategic goals in pursuit of the national vision for 2025:

  • to create a culture of equity and social justice, while building an inclusive society with opportunities for all
  • vastly improved governance to realise a constitution free of all vestiges of colonialism; a modernised parliamentary and electoral system; enhanced political participation; and empowerment of all communities
  • a revolution in education to unlock the productive potential of all Barbadians; a well-developed public health system; and eradication of poverty
  • social and economic development to be sustainable ensuring adequate water and energy supplies; a good transport system; and protection of the environment
  • to develop the economy with greater diversity and competitiveness, focusing on services such as tourism and international business

to continue consolidating the country’s international image, particularly on account of political stability, educational quality, democratic governance and good leadership