Society of The Bahamas



Population per sq km: 39

Life expectancy: 76 years

Net primary enrolment: 98% (2010)

Population: 388,000 (2015); 67 per cent of people live in New Providence, 83 per cent in urban areas; growth 1.3 per cent p.a. 1990-2015; birth rate 15 per 1,000 people (31 in 1970); life expectancy 76 years (66 in 1970).

Bahamians are largely of African (85 per cent), Afro-European and European origin, as the indigenous Arawaks were wiped out.

Language: English is the official and first language; a French-based Creole is spoken by Haitian immigrants.

Religion: Mainly Christians (Baptists 35 per cent, Anglicans 14 per cent, Roman Catholics 12 per cent, Pentecostals nine per cent, Methodists four per cent, Church of God two per cent, 2010 census).

Media: Daily newspapers are The Freeport News, The Nassau Guardian and The Tribune; The Punch is published twice weekly, and there are several weeklies. The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas provides public radio and TV services, comprising one TV channel and several radio stations; there are several private radio stations. Cable TV is widely available.

There are 123 personal computers per 1,000 people (2005).

Public holidays: New Year’s Day, Labour Day (first Friday in June), Independence Day (10 July), Emancipation Day (first Monday in August), Discovery Day (12 October), Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Religious and other festivals whose dates vary from year to year include Good Friday, Easter Monday and Whit Monday.