Utilities of Antigua and Barbuda



The power sector in Antigua and Barbuda is dependent entirely on fossil fuels. Petroleum is used extensively, mainly for electricity production and transportation. The privately run Antigua Power Company Ltd (APCL) supplies approximately 80 per cent of the power generated in Antigua and Barbuda. The government-owned Antigua Public Utility Authority (APUA) is responsible for power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, purchasing the majority of power from APCL through a power purchase agreement. In 2011 the government of the People’s Republic of China commissioned a 30 MW power generation plant to help improve APUA’s supply of reliable electricity for its domestic and commercial clients.



The Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association, a regional organisation of water utilities and the successor organisation to the Caribbean Basin Water Management Programme, supplies water and sanitation facilities in Antigua and Barbuda.



The primary telecommunications company is the state-owned Antigua Public Utilities Authority, which provides the base for telecommunications infrastructure in the country. Other major providers include LIME, a business venture of the Caribbean Cable and Wireless.
As part of the process of liberalising the telecommunications sector, at the end of 2012 the government signed a declaration of partnership in telecommunications with the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), an external body that oversees the telecommunications sectors in many other Caribbean countries. The signing of the declaration gave Antigua and Barbuda observer status within ECTEL, moving the cou