Key Projects of Antigua and Barbuda


The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority was established by the government to attract foreign and direct investment into the country. Its three departments are: investment promotion, investment facilitation and small enterprise development. Incentive programmes for entrepreneurs and investors are provided by the government and include concessions and a loan guarantee scheme, the latter coming into effect under the Small Business Development Act 2007.

Concessions can include:

  • Exemption from or reduction of duty payment on imports and purchases
  • Reduction of property tax up to 75 per cent
  • Exemption from or reduction of income tax payments The government has also pledged to reserve at least 25 per cent of the procurement of its goods and services for small businesses registered under the Non-Citizens Land Holdings Regulation Act.

In 2009 the government announced plans to forge public-private partnerships with the business community in order to advance the delivery of infrastructure improvements and services.

In 2012, as part of a large-scale Global Economic Forum-based financing initiative, the government brought in the Sustainable Island Resource Management Zoning Plan (SIRMZP). One specific aim of the SIRMZP is to assist development of the country through the improving and encouraging private and public sector partnerships.