Local Government of Uganda

Ministry: Local Government

Association: Uganda Local Governments Association; Urban Authorities Association of Uganda

Local government is provided for by the Local Governments Act 1997, and it is enshrined in Chapter XI of the constitution. The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for local government, which comprises 111 district councils sitting at the apex of a five-tier structure. Other tiers comprise (1) county and municipal councils; (2) sub-county and town councils; (3) parish councils; and (4) village and ward councils. Local elections are held every five years.

Local government has revenue-raising powers, and collects property taxes, licences and fees, as well as receiving the bulk of its revenue from national government. Local authorities are responsible for environmental protection and local transport in partnership with national government; while the authorities have sole responsibility for economic development in the district; public health; education; and social welfare, some aspects of which are devolved on the lower tiers.