Judicial System of Nigeria

Supreme court: Supreme Court

Ministry: Justice

The constitution guarantees the independence of the judiciary and permits the exercise of Sharia Law for consenting Muslims.

The Supreme Court is presided over by the chief justice and has up to 15 justices. It is the final court of appeal; and it has jurisdiction over disputes between the states, or between the federal government and any state, particularly in relation to the allocation of funds or resources, and over disputes arising from elections. The Federal Court of Appeal is headed by a president and has at least 35 justices, with a minimum of three with expertise in Sharia Law, and three in customary law.

There is the Federal High Court and a high court in each of the 36 states. States are entitled to have a Sharia court of appeal and a customary court of appeal.

Judges in the federal courts are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council and approved by the Senate. Judges in the state high courts are appointed by the state governors, also on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council, and approved by the state assembly.

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