Welcome to Nigeria

111214F-Muhammadu-Buhari-HaHis Excellency Mr Muhammudu Buhari
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

“Working together in the Commonwealth to tackle corruption”

It is with consummate faith in the abounding opportunities and exciting possibilities which Nigeria – the veritable Heart of Africa – offers, that I welcome you to these pages dedicated to telling our story.

Our Administration has already set in motion, through robust economic reforms which have enshrined macroeconomic stability, the requisite machinery to make Nigeria the financial hub of Africa, fast-track Nigeria’s full integration into the global financial system, and establish Nigeria as the investor’s destination of choice. This, combined with our rich, unique and diverse cultural and eco-tourism potentials, makes ours indeed a land of limitless opportunities.

We remain unwaveringly committed to those ideals which signpost the essence of the Commonwealth of Nations, taking unmediated pride in the shared heritage that keeps us members of one family.

As you take a virtual tour of our unique country, I say “Welcome to Nigeria!”

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