Welcome to Lesotho

Pakalitha_Mosisili_with_Obamas_croppedRt Hon. Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili
Prime Minister, Kingdom of Lesotho

Welcome to Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”. Beautiful. Mountainous, landlocked and completely surrounded by ONE country. Her high mountains, covering about three quarters of the country, tower more than 3 000 metres above sea level, making her a country with the highest point in Southern Africa and the highest lowest point above sea level on the globe; a country with the highest diamond mine in the world (at close to 3 000) metres high), producing the highest proportion of large flawless gems of any mine on the globe. Lesotho is, indeed, the “Roof of Africa”, and the “Switzerland of Southern Africa”, the “Mountain Kingdom” and the “Kingdom in the Sky”, as she is popularly known.

Lesotho has an enormous tourism potential that remains largely untapped. As a tourist destination, Lesotho offers a range of activities and tourist locations. Come, see our towering mountains, rugged hills and ravines; undulating plains and gorgeous valleys punctuated by winding rivers and splashing streams; and unique alpine vegetation and fauna. Enjoy our sunny summers and ski down our magnificent slopes in winter. Join our pony trekking and trout fishing expeditions; breathe the fresh unpolluted air and refresh with our clean sparkling water.

All these, and more, coupled with our array of pre-historic and cultural heritage, comprise a diversity of tourism resources and investment opportunities in Lesotho. What Basotho lack is splendour, they will make up for in their warm hospitality.

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Source: http://www.commonwealthofnations.org/country/africa/lesotho/