Governance, the Commonwealth context

What does governance mean for the Commonwealth? – The past, present and future

Roger Koranteng, Adviser (Governance), Thematic sub-Programme Group

This article discusses how the Commonwealth Secretariat’s position on the concept of governance has changed over time. In the past, it was informed by declarations, speeches and policies. In the present, governance is based on the concept of good enough governance. In the future, it will be guided by good governance initiatives. More…


Selecting governance indicators

Roger Koranteng, Adviser (Governance), Thematic sub-Programme Group
Joseph Mensah, International Development Studies, York University, Canada

The Commonwealth Secretariat has a global reputation as a trusted partner in governance and development and is a provider of professional and technical services. More…


Public Sector Development Programme

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Strategic Plan sets out the overall strategic focus, objectives and expected results of the organisation for the four-year period 2008/09-2011/12. The Plan was approved by the Secretariat’s Board of Governors on 15 May 2008, and is the document against which the Board and the Secretariat will measure the progress and impact of its work. More…