Water Resources Management Authority


The Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) is the lead agency in the regulation and management of water resources in Kenya.

It was established in 2003 pursuant to the enactment of Water Act 2002 which clearly separated the functions of water resources management from water services provision. Its objective is to ensure rational, effective management of water resources, and equitable access for the various competing uses.


Current projects

  • Establishing Water Resource (WR) Monitoring Stations nationally
  • Continuously collecting and analysing WR data
  • Developing local community capacity and collaborating in the
  • management of water catchment ¬†areas through the Water Resource ¬†Users Association (WRUAs) framework
  • Carrying out groundwater assessment (aquifer mapping)
  • Spearheading the finalisation of the National Water Master Plan (2030)

Our focus: Ensuring equity in WR allocation by Accounting for Every Drop

Water Resources Management Authority

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