United Republic of Tanzania President’s Office – Public Service Management


The newly constructed National Records Centre in Dodoma which is designed to free up 77,700m² of office space that was previously used for storage in MDAs


To become a global institution of excellence in enabling the public service for quality service delivery that contributes to the prosperity and the wellbeing of Tanzanians.



To ensure the Public Service is effectively and effi ciently managed, through improved human resource policies, systems and structures.



PO-PSM co-ordinates the implementation of the Performance Results and Accountability Project (PRAP). Launched in January 2008, PRAP is funded by the Government of Tanzania, Canadian International Development Agency, DANIDA, Department for International Development, and International Development Association.



The objective of PRAP is to enhance capacity, performance and accountability of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the use of public resources and service delivery to levels consistent with timely and effective implementation of the strategic and priority programmes under the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty.



All three Project Development Objective (PDO) indicators were fully met. PDO level indicators were designed to measure:
• Satisfaction with Central Government Services
• Quality Implementation in MDAs
• Level of Accuracy of Public Service Profile generated in all MDAs with Human Capital Management Information System (HCMIS), version 9. HCMIS has been a big milestone and important instrument in managing the Government wage bill and Human Resources-related information.

United Republic of Tanzania President’s Office – Public Service Management

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