Samburu County Assembly


Samburu County lies in the former Rift Valley Province in northern Kenya where the Samburu tribe lives. The main attractions of Samburu are the rich culture of the local communities, the beautiful landscape and abundant wildlife.

Fast facts

  • It covers an area of 21,000 km²

  • Population total: 223,947  (2009 census)

  • Resources: Wildlife, livestock, land, pasture, water, forests, wind and solar energy, minerals

  • Tourist attractions: Several wildlife reserves, rich culture and traditions

  • Financial services: Three commercial banks, four micro-finance institutions

  • Main Economic activities/industries: Tourism, nomadic pastoralism, commercial businesses

  • Agricultural products: Livestock products, maize, beans, potatoes, wheat and barley.




The County Assembly is composed of 26 members, 15 of them elected and 11 nominated. The Constitutional one-third gender rule is rightly accorded with nine of the members being women. Pursuant to this, it has made substantial progress in its representative, legislative and oversight roles in the County.

The Assembly has passed crucial Bills, motions and approved county plans to ensure devolved functions are fully performed. With its ten per cent of the three billion county budget in the FY 2013/2014, it has undertaken capacity building of its members. The Assembly, through its service board, has engaged various experts to guide it in the development of its legislative wing to showcase the face of Samburu County.


A model county assembly that fosters transparency and accountability in its representative, legislative and oversight roles.


A county assembly that encourages citizen participation in effective and efficient county governance through its representative, legislative and oversight roles.

Cultural and community attractions

Maralal is a frontier town, the beginning of the Great Northern wilderness and the staging post for many great adventures.

Apart from the national reserves, such as Samburu National Reserve, Samburu Eco-tourism is an initiative which enables the Samburu community to continue their lifestyle as pastoralists and at the same time earn money for educational, social and conservational projects to stay on track with the general development in the country.

Samburu County Assembly

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