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NEEC management reviewing the implementation programme

NEEC management reviewing the implementation programme

Established by Act No 16 of 2004, the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) is a national apex institution that oversees the implementation of empowerment initiatives in Tanzania.

The NEEC is a strategic leader in facilitating, co-ordinating and monitoring the implementation of the National Economic Empowerment Policy of 2004, aiming at guiding Tanzanians to a strong national economy through an encouraging business environment and fair economic participation.

Some key functions of the NEEC are co-ordinating the implementation of empowerment activities across sectors and players; mobilising resources for the citizens’ credit guarantee fund and administering its usage; facilitating entrepreneurship training programmes for various groups of citizens; and collaborating and networking with organisations and institutions that promote empowerment, development and entrepreneurship.

Recently, the NEEC teamed up with Youth Business International, UK, and the Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Centre (TECC) to implement a programme known as KIJANA JIAJIRI, which will enable a considerable number of youths in Tanzania to establish their own enterprises, create jobs for others and generate wealth. Specific interventions of the programme will be training in entrepreneurship and business skills, mentoring and linkage to financial services.

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Cheering after signing the MOU for Youth Business Tanzania, 26 November 2014

The NEEC spearheaded a programme for sustainable beekeeping and honey production in the ASALI Corridor of Tanzania. The overall goal of this programme is to modernise beekeeping systems and improve the processing, storage and marketing of honey, beeswax and related products, while protecting biodiversity and the environment.

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The NEEC Pavilion with local and foreign stakeholders at the first Apimondia Symposium on Bees and Beekeeping in Africa, held in Arusha, Tanzania, 11–16 November 2014

The overriding programme co-ordinated by the NEEC is the National Multisectoral Strategic Framework for Economic Empowerment (NMSFEE), whose overall goal is to engage key actors in the implementation of economic empowerment activities as stipulated in the Economic Empowerment Policy.

Image 4NEEC has the challenging responsibility of mobilising resources from within and outside the country for implementation of the NMSFEE and its related programmes, e.g. Kijana Jiajiri and ASALI Corridor. We therefore invite interested partners to join our efforts in achieving the nobler vision of empowering Tanzanians through support of NEEC efforts.” Executive Secretary of the NEEC, Dr Anacleti K. Kashuliza

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