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The Government Human Resource Services Company (GHRS) is a state-owned company with a mandate to improve the human resource capability of the national public service through the provision of service support in recruitment and selection, monitoring and evaluation, change management, specialised training and organisational development in pursuit of a twenty-first century public service.

GHRS operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) which is responsible for the transformation of the public service and the realisation of the Gold to Diamond (G2D) vision.


Gold to Diamond (G2D) Vision

The G2D journey, launched in December 2012, represents a planned progression towards an empowered, professional, customer centric public service by 2022, when Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee.

The Diamond Public Service envisioned is efficient, delivers quality services and innovates to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This necessitates moving from the existing pyramid organisational structure to a diamond-shaped architecture providing increased opportunities for professional growth and development, and a focus on delivering value for money.

The G2D involves the use of shared services to achieve integrated service delivery allowing for a ‘no wrong door approach’, where any type of service can be easily accessed by citizens.

The G2D has also introduced the TT Diamond Standard Certification Programme, a mechanism to address the country’s impediments to Global Competitiveness and Ease of Doing Business.

The MPA intends to partner with the private sector and other Commonwealth jurisdictions to foster the implementation of a modern public service that is a resilient driver of economic growth.

Government Human Resource Services Company Ltd

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