National Development Plan of Trinidad and Tobago

The Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development is responsible for the National Framework for Sustainable Development, and for economic planning and monitoring.
The ministry is engaged in implementing a new economic strategy that incorporates the National Innovation System, which aims at economic diversification.

This ministry has oversight of the Economic Development Board and the Council for Competitiveness and Innovation, which were established in 2011 to play both an advisory and an implementation role in the strategic management of the economy. They are mandated to foster a culture of research and innovation, particularly in the non-energy and services sector aiming to increase research and development spending to at least three per cent of GDP over a ten-year period.



The main pillars for sustainable development are:

  • People-centred development
  • Poverty eradication and social justice
  • National and personal security
  • Information and communication technology
  • A diversified and knowledge-intensive economy
  • Good governance



The National Transformation Unit of the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development is responsible for capacity-building in assessment and evaluation; coordinating implementation of the national policy and strategic plans; and for monitoring and evaluation of government policies, projects and programmes, and of national strategic plans.