Local Government of Trinidad and Tobago

Ministry: Local Government (Trinidad) and Office of the Prime Minister (Tobago)

Association: Trinidad and Tobago Association of Local Government Authorities

Local government is provided for by the Municipal Corporations Act 1990 and the Tobago House of Assembly Act 1996; and the Tobago House of Assembly is enshrined in the constitution. The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for local government in Trinidad, and the Office of the Prime Minister in Tobago. Local government comprises two city corporations, three borough corporations and nine regional corporations in Trinidad; and the House of Assembly in Tobago. Local elections are held every three years in Trinidad and every four years in Tobago.

The city and borough corporations have revenue-raising powers, and all local authorities receive transfers from national government. The local authorities are responsible for a broad range of public services, notably primary health care; education; and internal security.