Constitution of Dominica

Status: Republic

Legislature: House of Assembly

Independence: 3 November 1978

Dominica is a republic with a non-executive presidency and parliamentary democracy. It has a unicameral House of Assembly with 30 members plus the speaker and attorney-general. 21 members are directly elected and nine senators appointed by the president, five on the advice of the prime minister, four on the advice of the leader of the opposition. Elections are held at least every five years, with universal suffrage for adults.

The president is nominated by the prime minister and leader of the opposition and elected by the House of Assembly for not more than two terms of five years. He or she appoints the prime minister, who consults the president in appointing other ministers. The president may dismiss the prime minister in the event of a no-confidence vote in the House of Assembly. Individual rights are guaranteed under the constitution.

Roseau (the capital) and the Carib Territory have a measure of self-government. The Caribs elect their chief.