Utilities of United Republic of Tanzania



In 2004, natural gas began to flow from the island of Songo Songo, in southern Tanzania, via pipeline to a power station and cement plant at Dar es Salaam. Following new discoveries of offshore gas in 2012, the government has estimated proven gas reserves to be 813 billion cubic metres. Good indications of substantive oil deposits have also been found.

The Energy Sector Capacity Building Project was launched in 2013 with the intention of developing public–private partnerships for the power generation sector. The project focuses on five main components: petroleum policy and legal framework; strengthening institutional sector management, co-ordination and governance; education and skills development; power generation; and natural gas public–private partnership capacity building projects.


The private sector, as well as international multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, has invested in the water sector since the launch of the National Water Policy in 2002. The National Public Private Partnership Policy 2009 also supports such participation.


Landline services are provided by the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd, with private telecoms networks also in operation. The largest private networks belong to the Tanzania Electric Supply Company; the airline reservation system; and the railway signalling and telecoms systems of the Tanzania–Zambia Railway Authority and the Tanzania Railways Corporation.