The Commonwealth is a voluntary organisation of 53 member countries which are united by their common goals of development and democracy.
The Commonwealth helps governments to develop their capacity to deliver public services and work with public institutions to improve their delivery of key responsibilities.
The Commonwealth promotes good democratic practice by providing technical assistance and training as well as sending observers to countries’ elections on invitation.
Commonwealth principles on good governance were reaffirmed in the Harare Declaration of 1991. It promotes development, poverty reduction and the protection of human rights.
Good governance is a major priority for the Commonwealth. Pictured above are speakers and presiding officers at the 21st Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers (CSPOC) in Trinidad and Tobago, January 2012.

Judicial Systems

Detailing the basis and jurisdiction of the legal system and the court structure, covering the system of appeal and role of subordinate courts.

Local Governments

An overview of regional and local government structure and elections including details on the role and responsibilities of local bodies.

Governance Institutions

A list of important operations such as ministries, commissions and financial institutions as well as their web addresses.

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The Commonwealth Governance Website is the first comprehensive guide to public sector reform and public private partnerships in the Commonwealth. It is the online resource for the Commonwealth Governance Handbook and the Commonwealth Governance and Growth publications. Together they bring together the knowledge and experience of the Commonwealth Secretariat and other related agencies.

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